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Bruce Loewenthal is creative both as a home designer as well as an artist in other media such as furniture design, unusual structures for outdoor use and utilitarian items such as lighting, religious artifacts and wildlife environments.

Havdalah Spice Container

The Havdalah ceremony signals the end of Shabbat and the Festivals. A spice container is used in this ceremony and The Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies held a competition in 1998 for the design of these unusual artifacts of Judacia. Bruce Loewenthal's design placed among the finalists and was published in the Spertus Museum catalog of the exhibit.

Differing from the traditional spiceboxes that contain and conceal, his design allowed the spices to stand out against the industrial materials used in this design.

Mailbox Design

Utilizing his skill for various materials and surface handling, Bruce's designs are known to pop up in any environment, including one that is known for whimsical approaches. Bruce handles this design with elan and classic lines, yet a bit of wit is displayed with the sides of dice spelling out the address.

Tree House Tract
Flights of Fancy Birdhouse

Colorful birdhouses sit nested among a sheave of vertical members in this award-winning design entered by Bruce in a 2000 contest.


The sukkah is a structure for the Jewish celebration at the end of Yom Kippur. It is to be dwelt in and prayed in during this time and then is immediately dismantled on the last day of the ceremony.

Bruce's entry into the sukkot competition of 1997 shows how a modern design sense can facilitate an ancient tradition

AIA Casa for Kids

Design and personal fabrication of entire structure, 12 x 10 x 8 foot, cedar, corrugated plastic, corrugated metal, steel, misc. hardware.

The references to a barn and silo and a decaying shed are present in this playful design for outdoor recreational use.


Onyx Vanity

Backlit onyx vanity with glass tile backsplash and chrome European fixtures.

Pool Caddy

This wall mounted pool caddy and bartop use purple heartwood, maple veneers and stainless hardware including individual ball holders.